Teresa Kudarauskas


Back with a more sinister approach, but certainly not shy of color, Teresa Kudarauskas takes an unexpected leap into 3-Dimentional, '80s-esque, surrealism with the completion of “Under The Paper Moon.”



Brooklyn, New York


Greatly inspired by the 1980’s/90’s, and having an affinity for art deco, surrealism, and early music video/fashion culture, Teresa Kudarauskas uses color, shapes, textures, figures and patterns to create "MTV era" canvas worlds. Her strokes and marks are clean, bold, precise and organized.


The pulse of 1980’s pop radio powered through Route 28 and into her vibrant veins of existence. 


IMG_4382-900x900 copy.jpg

Marketing of merchandise, TV shows and movies of that time were wacky, colorful, artistic, provocative and completely absurd.


Her sensual, sentimental and personal attraction to that era is revealed through her use of color, shapes, textures and patterns crafted into vivid worlds of abstraction—often stroked by the ideas of reality.